Allen Jones Training and Instructional Design: Leading Provider of Workplace Learning and Performance

In the business of Training and Development, there is one thing you can count on: there are never enough resources. Expectations are high, budgets are tight, and schedules become unrealistic. Fortunately, there is something else you can count on – Allen Jones Training and Instructional Design.

When companies need to educate staff about new software, products or processes, they call Allen Jones, specialists in corporate learning consulting, corporate management training consulting and corporate learning management systems.  We focus on instructional design for business, corporate training, corporate training facilitation, corporate learning, elearning, leadership training, competency mapping, software applications training and so much more!

Although each project is personally managed by our founder and C.E.O. Allen Jones, our organization consists of a virtulal team of specialists from instructional development profesionals, to graphic designers and technical gurus.  Our virtual team approach means you get the best national talent without expensive overhead costs.

When results matter, call Allen Jones Training and Instructional Design:  404-217-0965.


Case Studies

We maintain an impressive list of clients across many industries. Whether your business sector is financial services, retail, software technology, hardware technology, medical services, the client case studies we provide for your review on this site demonstrate how others in your industry leverage our services for instructional design, corporate training, corporate learning, and elearning expertise. 

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